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Pádraig Ó Baoighill

Pádraig Ó Baoighill is a contemporary Irish language writer from Rann na Feirste, Co Donegal although he has lived in Co. Monaghan townland Patrick is a creative and academic writer who has published almost 20 books of his work and is still working at work. Below are a handful of his books in print:

Week on the Blanket. 1981. (booklet), Armagh National Republican Committee,

The Fighting Cock and other stories 1993. It is a collection of short stories describing life around the Border.

Óglach na Rosann 1994. This is a biography of Niall “Plunkett” Ó Baoill, a Republican hero from the writer’s native bowls, with many local and historical legends. In particular, this book contains a wealth of information about the role played by Seosamh Mac Grianna and Séamus Ó Grianna in the events of the Civil War.

Memories of the Injuries of Glenfinnan 1994. This is a small booklet in which Patrick describes a large fiddling family from Mid-Donegal.

Nally from Mayo 1998. It is a biography of a Fenian who took part in the founding of the Gaelic Athletic Association. Nally was not destined for longevity, or when the English sentenced him to prison, his ill health did not allow him to finish that term alive. However, his memory lives on among those who practice Gaelic games.

Aimsir Óg, Part 1. (short story & excerpt from a novel), Coiscéim 2000.

From Glen to Fanaid 2000. This is a travel book on County Donegal. The writer gives a vivid insight into the lives of the people in his native county, the remnants of the past and the state of the Irish language in various places.

St. Patrick ‘s Fausidin 2000. Bishop Ó Dufaigh, Veritas.

The Irish Language in Tyrone, Geophrapy Publications, B.Á.C, 2000

Fellow Jewish Song and Fenian Songs from Rann na Feirste 2001.

Seaweed Strawberry and Other Stories 2001.

This book is a collection of short stories, with the stories carding the lives of the people of Donegal at home and abroad – that is, in Scotland.

Kintyre / Argyll. Our Gaelic Neighbors 2003. This is a travel book again carding the life of the Scottish Highlands.

Baile na gCreach Little Boy 2004. This is a short novel about a little boy whose family is suffering from alcoholism, and it is an inspiring description of how this problem affects the young stoic.

Under the Shadow of the Pig 2005. A collection of folk tales, collected on the edge of the Gaeltacht in Donegal.

Ó Cadhain in Donegal 2007. This is also a collection of folklore. It was collected by Máirtín Ó Cadhain himself. The book is accompanied by audio CDs to help the learner acquire the correct flavor of the dialect.

Rann na Feirste Storytelling & Storytellers, 2007.

Reading Lunch (short story in a collection).

Cardinal Patrick O’Donnell 1856 – 1927 2008 This book studies the influence of Cardinal O’Donnell on the social, political, economic and educational life of his own time and the policies he successfully implemented at a crucial time in history of Ireland.

The Young Rider 2009. Dónall Óg wants to be a rider. His heart’s desire is to work with the Great Coach, George Brown. But will his uncle, Charles, succeed in convincing his mother that he should be allowed to work in the stables in Coill na Baioce?

Padaí Laidir Mac Culadh and the Tyrone Gaeltacht, 2009, 2010.

The Great Storyteller of Mhín an Líneacháin 2010. Describe here the famous storyteller who was born in 1879 and lived in the Central Gaeltacht in Donegal. The story of his life, his district, his friends and his family. This book is accompanied by two discs on which the narrator himself is heard telling us two stories. ISBN: 6660012100224

Féil`Scribhinn Anraí Mac Giolla Chomhaill, Coiscéim 2011.

Armagh Native Speakers at a Glance, Seanchas Armacha 2011.

Rann na Feirste Heritage 2011 This book is based on a lecture given by Pádraig Ó Baoighill to the Cloch Cheann Fhaola Historical and Folklore Society in 2006. It describes writers, storytellers, poets, singers and pearls of Rann na Feirste’s heritage.

Look for the official launch of Rann na Feirste Heritage in Cultúrlann Mac Ádhamh Ó Fiaich.

Centenary War (St. Patrick ‘s College, Drumcondra) Youth Literature in the Donegal Gaeltacht, 2012.

National Poet of Scotland, Rabbie Burns – The Link to Ireland, 2015.

Walking the Great Way, an essay in honor of Professor Nollaig Mac Congail. 2016.

History of Conradh na Gaeilge in Scotland & Migration of Need, 2016.