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Domhnall Ó Grianna

Domhnall Ó Grianna

He was born in Rann na Feirste, Donegal, on 14 March 1894. He was a brother of Séamus Ó Grianna, Seosamh Mac Grianna (15 January 1901–11 June 1990) and Seán Bán Mac Grianna. His father was Féilimí Dhomnaill Phroinsiais and his mother was Máire Séamuisín Ní Dhomhnaill, sister of the famous storyteller Seán Ó Domhnaill (Johnny Séamuisín). There were eleven children but two died in infancy. The other five were: Hugh, Bidí, Sally, Anne and Bell. He is a cousin of the storyteller Neidí Frainc Mac Grianna and his brother Domhnall (‘Domhnall of the Institute’ who was once a registrar at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies).

He was very active in the Irish language movement in Belfast, being chairman of Ghasra an Fháinne, a member of Coiste na Feise, a member of the Conradh Area Committee and a teacher at Cumann Chluain Ard. He was a member of the Conradh na Gaeilge Business Committee in 1923–4 and treasurer of Comhaltas Uladh in 1925. Cathal Mac Criostal gives an account of his life in Ulster, October 1962, and describes his family background: ‘The MacGreans were the first family to move to Rann na Feirste about two hundred years ago. From the point of view of Donald ‘s father, the line was as follows:. Domhnall was married to Treasa Ní Dhochartaigh and they had three sons and two daughters. ‘Mac Grianna’ is the version of the surname, the historically correct version, used by Mac Criostal in his account. His translations under the surname ‘Ó Grianna’ are: The Graves of Kilmorna, 1933 (by P.A.Sheehan); True man and traitor, 1935 (True man and traitor by Matthias McD. Bodkin); Robbery with a strong hand, 1936 (Robbery under arms by Rolf Boldrewood); Flatha na hAlban, 1937 (The Scottish chiefs by Miss Jane Porter). There was a question about translations. The Graves of Kilmorna may have been first translated by Liam Prút, in his comprehensive essay ‘State Translation Matters’ in Maynooth Magazine 1996-97, 1997, by Domhnall Mac Grianna, Editor of An Gúm. 

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