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Conall Ó Grianna

Rann na Feirsde: The Legend of our Ancestors

Rann na Feirsde: Seanchas ár Sinsear. By Conall Ó Grianna.

Cló Cheann Dubhrann, Athnacor 1998. 488 pages. Hardcover.

This is a very polished book which has the soul, vitality and personality of the people of Rann na Feirsde and its attractive presentation. Rann na Feirsde (1973-1938)… for the Schools Scheme`, of which seven and forty scores are published. The scheme involved the assistance of primary school teachers, with the assistance and financial support of the Department of Education at the time, seeking folklore essays from senior primary students rather than the usual weekly essay.

In relation to the Rann na Feirsde school, therefore, the National Folklore Collection, University College Dublin, contains volumes 738 pp. The pupils’ original copybooks are part of the CBI collection and contain up to 53 copybooks from Rann na Feirsde school in the children’s handwriting. Looking at the big hub