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Ábhar ó Rann na Feirste le hÚdair Éagsúla

Mac Labhraí, Seán Rua (2000) Where the Lamb Drinks the Milk.
Stories and legends that came from the mouth of John Ghráinne himself. See a review of this book by Caitríona Ní Chleirchín at the following link: 

‘Rhetoric of Beauty’ The Unbroken Chain Tom Hodgins

In Tom Hodgins’ latest book, the author is in search of his possessions and the roots of his native roots. It shows the unbroken chain of that homeland by giving us an interesting account of poetry, folklore and memories from Rann na Feirste

Hodgins, Tom. (2013) Dea-chaint John Ghráinne agus a chairde. Coiscéim 2013
ISBN 6-660012-130061


“How to express emotions in Irish. This book is a must for anyone who is remotely interested in the Irish language.” (Professor John Gartland, Korea National University of Education).


“The voices are real, not abstract artifacts designed to fit our pre-conceived images…They share their joy, their pain, their rage, as they bring together for us their words in times and spaces we can recognize as our own” (Dr. Steve Conlon, Head of Graduate School of English, ABAC Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand.)

Content on Micí Sheáin Néill Ó Baoighill.

Mag Uidhir, an Athair Seosamh (1965) Maith Thú a Mhicí.

For information on the life and work of Micí Sheáin Néill Ó Baoill go to the following link:


Folk tales from Mací Sheáin’s folklore recorded, collected and edited by Father Seosamh Mag Uidhir.

Ó Searcaigh an Athair Lorcán. (1983) 

Stories, Prayers and poetry from the mouth of Mickey John and edited by Father Lorcán Ó Searcaigh

Porter, Cathal (1993) Micí Sheáin Néill, Scéalaí agus Scéalta

The story of his life and an analysis of his style of storytelling with Cathal Porter.

Maeleachlainn Mac Cionaoith.
Former lecturer with the Dublin Institute for Advanced Celtic Studies

Mac Cionaoith, Maeleachlainn. (2005) Seanchas Rann na Feirste.

The voice of the bird that speaks for itself is faint. Coiscéim, Dublin.

This book is now available digitally and you can listen to the stories as they came from the mouths of the storytellers themselves such as John Ghráinne, Seán Bán Mac Grianna, Annie Bhán Nic Grianna and Donnchadh Chassie Ó Baoill to name a few.

The Story of Annie White (1997) Gordon W. MacLennan.

Edited and translated by Alan Harrison & Máirí Elena Crook.

270 pages Publisher: Roberts Rinehart

Pub Language: Irish / English ISBN-10: 1898473846 ISBN-13: 978-1898473848

Annie Bhán was the sister of writers Seosamh and Séamus Ó Grianna so it is no surprise that she has a knack for storytelling. Her stories were first recorded and collected in the 1930s. This book contains a translation of the original version of the stories and an introduction to the oral and Irish tradition of the area.